Saturday, October 20, 2007

Danielle, Lauren and Emily Come for a Visit

Steve and Angie and "the girls" came home this weekend (well, it's OUR home, technically, theirs is in Ohio) to bring Mary back. I was glad to catch some cute pictures of my BEAUTIFUL nieces, Danielle (13 -- 14 in a few weeks), Lauren (9) and Emily (7).

Emily with Aunt Verbie's cat

Lauren with same cat

Danielle LOVES cats!

Danielle (top), Lauren (bottom left) and Emily (bottom right)

All the cousins in a "presentable" photo. It was hard to get all the
attitudes, faces and bodies all going in the same direction.
Steve and Angie

A rousing game of Monopoly. I'm really not sure who won, but someone had over $77 million dollars, I think. Steve decided the new Electronic Banker would be the way to go with money amounts this high!

Nana with Danielle, Lauren and Emily

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Dee'Anna Midgett said...

Those pictures are so good. I love taking pictures out doors. Talk to you later. Dee'Anna