Friday, October 12, 2007

Nice Day with Joshua

I had such a nice day today with Joshua and his friend Braiden. Braiden spent the night last night. Kevin was out of town so it was nice to have another person in the house.

Today we ran a lot of errands, including going to see Grandmother in the nursing home. She was in good spirits today. We dropped her off some sodas, candy, word search books and, her favorite, some Taboo perfume. *smile*

We went to Target to browse a bit, then to Bath and Body (for some smell goods for the house), a cookie break in the mall, down to Home Goods in Hendersonville to get a pan (mine has warped) and then back to Springfield to take the boys to see The Game Plan. It was SUCH a sweet movie; I cried. It was two hours but well worth the time. It was very clean, I thought, with a great story line.

After that, I took the boys back to our house where Kevin took them to the carnival in Joelton and I went to the church for a few hours of scrapbooking. It was nice to get that stuff out again. I wish I had more time to do those things.

I've been on a "tear" lately, trying to clean (I mean really clean) the kitchen. I think my dust bunnies on top of the cabinets had pet dust bunnies. I'm also trying to weed through the clutter to get things ready for the yard sale. Tomorrow we are going to take more things to the storage building. I suspect it will burst open soon. Hopefully, that will mean a good yard sale.

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