Thursday, October 25, 2007


How's that for an original heading? It's after mid-night and I'm sleepy and about to head to bed. Kevin has discovered he likes having a desk at the house (in the former garage, now converted to ... well, some kind of room) so I have gotten the kitchen table back. I just don't see him a lot now.

Josh had football practice tonight and says he jammed his finger. He has been crying a lot this evening. I think it hurt and he's just tired. I know I'm tired. We all need a weekend where we do NOTHING except sleep -- really, really late, at least.

I worked on paperwork all day. I've still got about 140-something to enter from my last trip to South Carolina. I need to go out tomorrow to inspect here in Nashville and then I have days planned out for Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday is HALLOWEEN!!! and trunk or treat at church, along with cupcakes for a party, costumes to wear to school, etc., so that day has been taken. Thursday I plan to work on yard sale pricing ALL DAY and carting things over to mama's to get ready for the sale on Thursday and Friday. Hopefully, it will be pretty weather adn we will not see any rain. I need to send out some emails and send an ad to the paper still yet. I'm hopeful we will do well in the yard sale.

We did not hear results from the appraisal today. I did call the loan processor, but she indicated it could take up to three days for them to get the appraisal. Kevin secured his employment letters. I'm certain Dianne and her mom are working on the police clearance letters. While I'm in town tomorrow, I might ought to go get a certified copy of our marriage license -- hmmmm.... I don't remember where I got that the last time -- oh yeah, vital records. Tamera has our medical forms and I still need to gather the numbers for my letter of employment.

Kevin and I have not completed our training sessions and MUST do that this weekend. Maybe while Joshua has Scott over Saturday night, he and I can sit down and work on those.

One of our friends' husband passed away today from cancer. Sue and Cecil have been friends of my parents since I was a tiny child. They are the aunt and uncle to my friend Stoney. Cecil died this evening from cancer. I think, if I'm not mistaken, he was only diagnosed about a week ago.

Prayers for my friend Susan's children, Katie and Daniel, who both have strep and are out of town. Hopefully, everyone else will stay well and will not catch it.

Good evening to all!!

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