Monday, October 29, 2007

Loan Approved - Closing Thursday

You'll remember that on Wednesday of last week, after the appraiser came, I indicated I was washing my hands of this entire loan process and giving it to God.

Well GLORY to GOD!!! We got the call today that we are closing the loan on Thursday. We were told also that we didn't even NEED the appraisal, after all -- it was some sort of computer glitch that had ordered it. *sigh* At least we didn't have to pay for it. It did, however, cause me a LOT of anguish. She also said closing costs are about half what we had expected so that's more money in the "coffee can" for Ellie's adoption!!! Yay!! We are over the half-way hump now.

The yard sale is Friday and Saturday. After I go out in the field for work tomorrow, I'm coming home to make cupcakes for Josh's Halloween party at school. On Thursday, I'm going to price EVERYTHING in the storage building - hahahahaha - and have a yard sale the next day.

I think I'll just give all this over to God too. He knows I need some help with all that is on my plate right now and that we need to do well in the yard sale. You know, His burden is light when you just leave Him to do it! :-) Wish I could make my human self remember that every day!!!

I picked up the medical forms today. Lisa will notarize those later this week. I have Kevin's employment letter, and Lisa is getting mine printed, signed and notarized this week as well. We have police clearance letters done. We need a homestudy completed and sent off for our change of country, and I'll need to go to the Davidson County offices to get notarization authentications and then to the State to get further authentications, and we are ALMOST ready to send everything to the Vietnam Consulate for authentication. By the time I return home, I think most of it will be ready to have a day of running and signing and it will be ready to mail!!!

We have to go an apply for Joshua's passport and we need to start our Hepatitis shot series (YUK!). I think we'll wait to schedule those until AFTER I return from South Carolina.

We're a day closer to our Ellie-belly, ellie-phant.

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Heather Field said...

Oh I am SOOOO happy everything went throught on your loan. I have been praying about that! I know God will bless your work and committment to Him! He is good ALL the time, even when it seems to us like He is not hearing us, He is usually in the midst of preparing something great for us!