Monday, January 28, 2008

Day 7 - Columbia, SC (Adoption Update included)

I John 3:18
Dear children, let us stop just saying we love each other;
let us really show it by our actions.

Day 7 in the field is over. I had a great day. Thanks again to all who are praying for me while I am here. It is making a difference, I promise you. The weather was great - 60s and sunny - all day. I didn't get lost, dog bit, shot, accused of being a terrorist and didn't drop my camera. All in all, you just can't ask for more. I completed 95 jobs today, which is 20 more than my schedule said I could do. I'm really ready to go home so I guess I had an adrenaline kick today. Tomorrow I won't be able to crawl out of bed. *smile*

No good photos today. I'm just not seeing much here that inspires me. Maybe tomorrow.

I called our agency today to check on some things and asked where exactly we are on the list. I'd never asked, if you can imagine. There are 14 families currently in the program. Five families have referrals and one family is moving to another country so we are number 8 on the list. I asked if my expectation of a referral in May was still along the lines of what he was thinking and he said yes it was. He did add the obligatory comment that this was true "if referrals continue to come in at the rate they currently are." I asked if he suspected a change, and he indicated that he did not, but reminded me that this is a small country and that referrals could change at any time. I told him I understood that and that I knew adoption was always uncertain. However, the law of averages says that we should definitely get a referral in May. YAY! I told my mom today that I really feel like Ellie has been born. I can't put a finger on why, but I do. We will see, when we get her referral if I was right about this.

He did indicate they are working with our homestudy agency to get all the details ironed out. I told him I would be in there next week taking them the documents they needed to begin updating our homestudy.

Joshua has a ballgame tonight. Mee Mee is taking him. I hope he does well and they have a good time. Kevin has his first night of visitation for church. I'll be praying for you (I know you read this!). I miss home! Four more days.

Since I didn't get this posted before Joshua's game due to blogger being down, an update is in order. Joshua scored HIS FIRST goal in basketball tonight. As our luck would have it, neither his mom NOR his dad were there to see it. Mee Mee was, though, so we are happy for that. Hopefully, she got a picture and I'll be able to post it later.

And, I suppose I jinxed myself talking about not being able to get out of the bed, because at 2:00 this morning I awoke with awful pain in both my back and my elbows. I'm still in a LOT of pain in my back so I can't imagine getting in and out of the car 90 +/- times today, but I will. I'm going to dose up with some Advil after I eat something in hopes it will take care of it. I understand the elbow -- I've taken over 1500 photos so far and lifting the camera that many times is bound to cause some discomfort in the elbow. The great news is that I've got around 1000 more photos to take before I'm done. *smile* Motrin here I come!

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