Monday, January 14, 2008

"Official" Call from Agency

Philippians 4:9
Practice what you have learned and received
and heard and seen in me, and model your way of living on it,
and the God of peace will be with you.

While we knew that our agency had received our contracts last week, it was nice to get a call today from the director who told me that he had received them, signed them and had a copy back in the mail to us. I confirmed my estimation that we would get a referral in April or early May and he said that was right in line with what they were expecting.

I've begun to look for a changing table and dresser for her room. One of the photos we will have to send to with our dossier (word translated to mean, a packet with a LOT of pages about things you would NEVER in your life imagine you would need to adopt a child) is a photo of Ellie's room. Right now, if we included a photo of "her" room, they would laugh and tell us they wouldn't let us have another cat (which would, after all, be a blessing as we don't NEED any more cats). Her room right now is sort of a combination craft room/Joshua's toy storage room/Ellie's clothes, toys, books storage/ironing board room/junk room. I'm AMAZED that we can fit so much stuff in one room!!! I'd post a photo, but .... nah!!!

We were so blessed at church yesterday when a friend walked up, told us she had been reading our blog (she had linked over from the Lands' site) and pressed a donation into our hands saying, "I hope this will help bring Ellie home." How unexpected and how very kind! We were stunned and yet know that this is how God works -- unexpectedly and using those He calls to help. I hope our friend is blessed over and beyond how she has helped us.


Betsy said...

Maria,Kevin and Joshua I am so glad that thinks are moving forward for you. This is the first time to your blog so I have been going back and trying to catch up when what do I see but a little Ella mouse she loved seeing herself on the pc. We cant wait to meet Ellie and for the girls to become good friends. Betsy

Anita said...

YEAH!! You are paper-pregnant again!! WOOHOO!! Except this time I think you better start practicing your lamaze, girlfriend! :) So glad to hear how your friend blessed you on Sunday...that's how God does it....from people and places that are somewhat unexpected! HUGS! Anita

imtina said...

It's all so exciting to see another family preparing for a Kyrgyz baby. I'll be looking forward to seeing your journey unfold. Email me with any questions you have about Tokmok and travel, ok??