Sunday, February 1, 2009

DARN Computer!!!!

Kevin finally got my computer working again. Then tonight, as I was uploading the pictures from my memory card SOMETHING happened and they are just GONE -- kaput, finito, disappeared, gone. I've tried looking everywhere, searching everywhere -- nothing. NOW, first of all, they were a full day's worth of work photos -- and not local ones either, photos from Bowling Green. Yeah, I NEED to spend another day retaking photos I've already done. *sigh*
THEN, I'd carried my camera around with me for several hours today in hopes of catching photo and video of all the things Ellie gets into in a day. It was a GREAT blog post in the making and I took some TOO cute video of her staring out the back door with the cat staring in at her. I had her into everything. Now - gone.
I don't know whether to cry or stomp or just go to bed. I'm thinking bed.
Fortunately, for me, I used another camera and caught a few cuties of her after church tonight. I have more of both she and Josh that my mom took from the basketball game to upload, but I'm tired (and a wee bit stressed) so I'm headed to bed.

Fresh home from church

Starting to rub her ear -- her signal she's tired

Bottle time - YUM!

Revived and off for a crawl. Note: the hairbow was in the right place but I suspect either her dad or brother put it back in after it fell out. Earlier in the day, when Kevin put it on top of her head like this he said, "Look, she's a present." Ahh... yes.


Ivy Lee said...

Sorry about your photos. I did something similar but lost almost a whole month of photos. Fortunately, I uploaded them in to Snapfish and so I sucked it up and paid for my high resolution files and got some of them back.

As for the photos that were here, Ms. Ellie can always make me smile.

Lori said...


There....I've vented for you too!

Sorry about the pictures...that stinks. The present picture is soo cute!!!