Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cutie Pix

I had a little extra time today (between laundry, dishes, mopping, picking up kids from school, etc.) and took a few photos of some of the "cutie" things about Ellie that I don't want to forget: hands, feet, ears, the way she eats, the way she plays, looking at books, etc. Unfortunately, the intelligence gene has left our house and I uploaded them in "backwards" order, so enjoy her day -- in reverse.

Everything she does, she explores and plays with fully. She is so interested in everything. It's amazing to watch her just exist. There is so much energy, so much life.

She loves when Josh tickles her -- see her giggling.
This is his "stern" look -- notice she just giggles at that too.

He just loves her -- most of the time.

Ellie is trying so hard to get his attention while he's doing his homework.

Eating a "puff"

This is not a photo of Ellie praying. This is the midst of a full out "hissy fit" during lunch. Why? Who knows?

Lunch - spagetti and meat sauce -- yum

Look at those tiny fingers. She loves to have her own spoon to chew on while I feed her.

Exploring Elmo

This book is entitled, Clap Your Hands. I think she took it literally.

Mimicking the book.

"Reading" - The Princess and the Pea

What else would you expect "The Princess" to read?

Playing with her Elmo phone handset.

Making music. She's played with this so much, the batteries have now died.
Little piggy toes.

Tiny hands . . .

Exploring this adventure ball

Crawling (isn't that face precious??)

She and the cat -- bird watching. I LOVE this picture!

Playing with kitchen things while I washed dishes.