Saturday, February 28, 2009

Parties -- GALORE! and Happy 11 Month, Ellie!

Whew. I'm tired. From the looks of a photo of me taken today, I'm exhausted. I look awful -- pale and tired around the eyes. Could be because I am tired and still trying to recoup from my recent "bouts". Nonetheless, it was a busy day.
Today we had a baby shower for our friend Jessica, who is due with her first baby, Cooper, in June. Ellie and I had a great time even though I "flunked out" on one of the shower games. It was "don't say Jessica or baby". I managed to say, "Jessica hasn't seen the baby yet, has she?" promptly throwing me out with BOTH words.

We had to leave the baby shower early to get to a SURPRISE party for our friend, Ms. Betty. Boy! Was she ever surprised. I had to be very careful when I was posting last night because I almost put that we were going to her party today. I suppose that would have ruined the surprise. We had to leave that party early as well to head to Adalynn's 1st birthday party. Ellie napped briefly between each party but she was exhausted.

Mee Me and Ellie

Jessica opening presents
Kirstin and Ellie
Emily and Ellie
Ms. Betty gives Elles a kiss.

Mee Mee, Ms. Betty and Ellie

A cute picture that Mee Mee took of Ellie.

"Borrowed" this photo from Dee'Anna's blog of Ellie, Adalynn and Caleb. HOW do you get three kids to look at the same time? These three were exhausted by this point.

Ellie, Adalynn and Caleb playing with Addie's new toys.

When we got home, Kevin was running a fever. GREAT, I think, he's got the flu, so I told him to get a shower and we were going to the doctor. I called Morgan, from the next street over, to come over to babysit for Josh and Ellie as I knew Ellie was tired and it was so cold, I didn't want to get them out.

Fortunately, Kevin didn't have the flu, but he does have a bad sinus infection. An hour at Walgreen's and I had the meds he needed and we were on our way home.

And, as of today/tomorrow (there is no 29th of February), Ellie is eleven months old. Just like that-- blink and here you are. For one month, I'll have an 11 year old and an 11 month old. That won't happen again -- their combination of numbers like that, so this is pretty cool. I need to begin to plan her first birthday party. Where has time gone? It certainly hasn't moved as painstakingly dragging as it did while we were waiting for her, that's for sure.

As I started to think about her birthday party, my mind couldn't help but go to her birthmom. While I stood in her room, with all her wonderful things to make her life comfortable, I thought of her birthmom who is likely in a yurt in the fields and mountains of Kyrgyzstan and is likely quite cold. I hope she is ok. I know she can't begin to imagine the life her child is living on the other side of the world. I hope, in some way, she knows how very loved she is -- by all she meets. Her little girl has a special kind of spirit and personality that charms those who meet her. I wonder if that came from her birthmom? Regardless, I am forever thankful.

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Dee'Anna said...

Girl you are one busy women!!! No wonder you can't get better! I wish I had the energy you have. Thanks for coming today!!!! Can you believe Addie is awake. I am ready for her to go to bed. I hope kevin get better. Dee'Anna