Saturday, February 14, 2009

Letter Writing/Stories Campaign

The Joint Council has initiated a call for Kyrgyz adoptee stories from all of those who have already brought their children home. This will be a part of Joint Council's continued Global Awareness Campaign which aims to show the plight of children in need and the successes of children who have been placed in permanent care. If a family has adopted from Kyrgyzstan and would like to share their story as part of the Campaign they should send their story to Cindy LaJoy at Cindy is an adoptive mother of three children, one of who was adopted from Kyrgyzstan. The stories can be a maximum of 250 words and must have photos included. Families will need to submit an electronic release of information with their story. The release can be obtained from Cindy. Stories must be submitted by February 23rd. You can also get a copy of the electronic release form from the JCICS Kyrgyzstan page here: KYRGYZ REPUBLIC.

And for all the families in whose shoes we have stood, our story went off today. I am so hopeful that our story and Ellie's happiness can help bring others to their forever families. Ellie has been such a blessing and delight in our lives and I feel we have somehow made her life richer and better as well. I want this so much for other families and children.

I continue to pray and note that 70 prayers have been noted in the past week on this site. I can only imagine that there were lots of people who prayed and did not mark the "yes" button on my blog. I know God hears each request. Each week when I hear news of any progress I am thankful to God who is, I know, at work. He IS moving mountains on behalf of these children, of this much I am sure. I know that hearts are being softened through so many methods and I am thankful that He is choosing our family to help in any possible small way to help families get their children home. I will continue to pray every single day for these children and their families. I hope you will continue to join me in this effort.


Ann said...

I am sure I speak for all the PAP's. From the bottom of our aching hearts we thank you and every adoptive family who chooses to write these letters. And a gratitude to everyone who takes the time to pray for each of the kids waiting, And prayers for the MOE to feel in their hearts the need for these kids to come home. I can not express enough how much it means that we are supported during this awful time. Give Ellie a huge hug from me.

Mary from TN said...

Maria, Thank you so much for all your prayers on our behalf and for writing your letter.

Mary from TN