Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tag -- I'm It

I "self-tagged" myself from Jes's blog. I wanted a diversion from looking at the last post about my sweet Punchie (aka Queen P).

IThe task? to post a fun photo. The directions... Go to your fourth photo file location and post your fourth photo in that file.

And, here you have Kevin, Ellie and another Kyrgyz cutie, the infamous Hotdog!! This was during our mini-Kyrgz reunion when the girls used Kevin as a play toy. Aren't they sweet??

If you are reading, consider yourself "tagged". Leave a comment if you decide to play along.

And thank you SO MUCH for all the kind words about our loss of our friend, Punch. I am still grieving. I suspect Josh has moved along -- as kids will do -- and that Kevin is still a bit sad about her as well. I, on the other hand, just feel a bit lost when I'm at the house and have this running montage of memories of her running through my head when I'm driving around. I know this will pass with some time.

Ellie is really enjoying jumping of all things. She stands under the table, holds on and jumps for joy. She stands in her crib jumping up and down. She holds your hands and jumps. It's a riot. Tonight, all three of us just watched her under the table jumping and laughed and laughed. She's great entertainment.

Josh is working on his science project. Stay tuned for a final report on that after this weekend. It's due Monday so I'm certain there will be a mad rush around our house Sunday afternoon.


Busy Mom said...

Talk about mad rush, Ms Bell told them if they would bring theirs in early (Friday)they could demonstrate their board to the class instead of having to do some kind of classwork so we have been rushing all night to finish. BTW according to our experiment, Ajax Antibacterial dish soap kills most bacteria (almost NONE afer a week were there) and Lysol Disinfectant spray was the WORST (bacteria started showing up the next day.) Pine Sol also worked ok but the spray Lysol suprised us ALL.

LaLa said...

Hey girl...sent you an email but wanted to check in. I hope all is well...we missed you today at Fulin's : )

Jes said...

That is a great picture!!!