Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just Everyday Outside Fun

It was COLD this afternoon, but I've been cooped up in the house so long that I needed to get some fresh air -- flu remaining or not. This afternoon, Josh and Kevin went out to play basketball and I bundled Ellie up and we went outside too. The dogs and cats were in the front yard excited to play too, so it was a lot of fun. There was no "reason" for the photos and no "theme" other than a family of four (how cool, huh??) having fun in the yard.

Funny Ellie story first: lately, everytime the cat meows, she says, "Huh." It's a riot. I've got to try to get it on video. It's like they are having a conversation. Little Kitty says, "Meow." She says, "Huh." "Meow." "Huh" "Meow." "Huh." As long as the cat will meow she'll talk to him. Funny stuff.

Look ma, no hands....

Has my mother not realized that my cheetah print coat and cupcake leggings CLASH?

What are these things on my hands and where are my fingers?

So, it wasn't snow, but the ground was cold and Ellie needed something to sit on, so I used Josh's snow disc.

Little Kitty stayed close by keeping watch on things. Lest you are confused, Little Kitty and Punch did look a lot a like. (I still miss Punch so very much).

Duke gets a little love from daddy.

A little one-on-one with daddy . . .

Two points by Josh. I'm not sure who won.

Bear decided he wanted to play as well.

Tickle my tummy is Bear's favorite game. Look at him grinning! He's such a big fat lug.

My two sweet peas...

AND... Elizabeth and I both forgot that yesterday was our "Anniversary" -- four months home!!! I'll save our update for Ellie's 11 month birthday which is coming up this weekend.


Rachel said...

oh that last pic is wonderful!!! Sometimes you don't need a reason for pics.

Anita said...

Lovey Award day for you!! Come check it out when you have time! HUGS!!

Lori said...

I love the cheetah coat and cupcake pants! Classic!

Jena said...

Hi! It's nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your family and the adorable pictures! It's nice to meet someone with a similar schooling style and attitude toward life. :)