Monday, February 2, 2009

She's Making "A's" Already

Today was Ellie's 10 month check up at the doctor. Because of her shot schedule, we are on a bit of an alternate schedule so instead of 9 months, we got 10 months. The doctor was very pleased with all of her development and said, "I'd give her a 100, except for her runny nose. I'll have to deduct 2 points for that, but she still gets an A." So... yeah!
Her stats from today are:
  • Head circumference: 17.32" - 38th percentile. He was pleased that this was up from 11th percentile and said it indicated great brain growth
  • Height: 26.5" - 8th percentile, up from 4th percentile. We are ON the chart now.
  • Weight: 16 lbs, 1 oz -- still a petite little chicken and not on the chart yet. She was 3rd percentile in December and now in February, she's 4th percentile. And while I was just freaked out about this, he said he was not worried about it. We talked about what she eats and he said it was fine and that she looked healthy and he wasn't worried about it. After thinking about it, since she was a preemie, I think it's just fine too.

She got two vaccinations and promptly fell asleep. It might have something to do with giving her Motrin three hours before and then Tylenol about 10 minutes before. She then slept for about two hours. She's been a bit whiny since then, but it's to be expected.

She is good until she is one.

And so now .... what monkey has crawled on my back?? Today, I left early for the appointment, went to pick up Josh from school and the person at the front desk looks at the other woman sitting there and says (in front of me), "Do you know her?" The other lady (who I see EVERY WEEK when I come to volunteer) says, "No." The first lady says to me (as I'm holding a baby), "I'm sorry I'll need to see ID. I assume it's in your car." DUH since I have nothing but a baby with me and you've NEVER asked for it before. So, I hike back to the car, get the ID and as I'm entering the office again, I'm approached by the principal talking to me about how big Ellie is getting and asking how I'm doing, by an aid -- same conversation and another teacher. This all goes on in front of the front desk woman, who, surprisingly barely glances at my ID at this point. *sigh* THEN, I spend a good 20 minutes as they try to find my son who is supposed to be eating lunch. Finally, another kid told me he thought he was eating lunch in a classroom and we found him there.

So, off we head to the doctor's office, but, hey, I'm on time still so it's all good, right? hahahaha. Man plans; God laughs. We get about half way there when Josh says, "Mom, I think Ellie's got a dirty diaper and it's not wet." He lifts her blanket off her and starts to gag and says, "Ooooooh. It is!!!" I pull over on the side of the road and ask him to hand her up to me. It's terribly cold out and I don't want to get her out so I'm thinking I'll change her in the front seat. Josh gets all gaggy and jumps out of the car after rolling down all the windows. *sigh* I tell him to get back in the car and I start to change her. It was reminiscent of our time in Kyrgyzstan. It was ALL over her shirt, her pants, her SOCKS (I think I might have done that). And .... I have NO change of clothes. Well, what are we to do now????

So I call the doctor's office and get the answering service. I try to explain my problem while she explains she is the answering service. She does manage to call the office (my appointment was at 1 and they didn't open again until 1) and tell them of my predicament and that I would be late. They told her to tell me if I were more than 15 minutes late, I'd have to reschedule. So, now I'm faced with 1) speed - can't afford a ticket; 2) take her in with only a diaper and a blanket and be relatively on time; 3) stop and get clothes and be late and maybe not have an appointment. I chose 3. We got there 25 minutes late and they still saw us. Ironically, we were still there for over an hour.

And now, tonight as I've TRIED to start my taxes, Turbo Tax keeps throwing me out of the system with messages that the system is overloaded. WELL, people it is TAX time, maybe you might need a bigger server. I think I have a bad attitude. Yep, that's it. So, I'm giving up on taxes tonight and going to wash dishes, fold clothes and get in the bed early. For tomorrow, I have to go back to Bowling Green to re-do the work I did last Thursday -- see what I mean? *smile* It's a good thing I have a sense of humor. It's starting to not be so funny now.

Look at that face! This girl likes all things associated with eating and her sippy cup. She can't quite get it tilted up yet, but she sure tries!

She was so "into" her toy and so intent on playing. She was babbling up a storm to it -- having her own little conversation. It was TOO funny.

It looks like Ellie might have a future in plumbing.


Corinne said...

Oh,I remember all too well of having those really messy diapers at the most inconvienient times!I remember when the water to our house had to be turned off in our vicinity due to a problem and I ran out of wipes because my little one had the runs and the only thing available to help clean things up a bit was 7 UP! It makes for a good story when these diaper adventures come our way but is a lot more funny when it is not you dealing with it.The things we do as moms!

Busy Mom said...