Friday, February 27, 2009


Notice everytime Little Kitty "meows" so does Ellie. Ignore my pjs. It was early this morning. At one point, I am almost certain she says, "Meow" back to the cat. Do you think she thinks she's a cat??? *smile*

Also, as just an FYI, I went to the doc today and found out I have ear infections in both ears. I walked away with an antibiotic, decongestant, nose spray and antihistimine. Kill or cure is our attack method at this point. Seems my orders were to "rest and get lots of fluid." I told her one out of two wasn't bad.

Ellie charmed everyone from the time we left the car, walked down the corridor, checked in at the doctor's office, waited in the lobby and went back to our room and then in reverse. She had her "charm factor" turned up high today.

Josh and I got our hair cut this afternoon -- I know my mama will be pleased. He is such a handsome little man!! Tomorrow is set to be a busy day with a baby shower for our friend Jessica, and first birthday party for our friend Addison.

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Margaret and Tom said...

OK this is just so cute! I can't believe her first birthday is right around the corner...where does time go my friend?