Friday, February 27, 2009

Look Who's Trying to Walk ...

Quick little video of what Miss Ellie has been working on lately. Notice how mad she got when she sat down!


Lori said... I know that little frustration feeling! SO cute to see her so aggravated with it all! I know she doesn't think so, but banging those little hands is just too cute.

Glad you have some meds for the ears (sorry, I couldn't answer for you...) and hope you are feeling better soon!!!

The Stahnke's said...

Hey Maria,

I got your message on my blog and then I emailed you about your visit to Ohio, but I never heard back from you. What day were you thinking and where to meet works best for you. I understand if your visit is to busy to fit it in, but it would be great to get together. I'm not sure where your family lives that you are visiting. You can send me an email or just leave a message on my blog.


Dee'Anna said...

She is the cutes thing! I love the way she plays with the cat in the other post. I am so glad you gal's got to come today. When the weather gets better we need to do a play date.

Jeanne said...

Oh my, she's got some spirit!

Kelli said...

It won't be long now!