Monday, February 9, 2009


I don't know these folks, but I read about their recent loss on another blog that I read.

Their sweet precious little girl, Cora Paige, was diagnosed with cancer just a few short weeks ago and has now gone to be with Jesus, just a few weeks shy of her first birthday. She was 23 days older than Ellie.

I have sobbed for this family. I can't imagine their pain. Please, please pray for them.

Visit their blog here.

I'm amending this blog post because I'm struggling here. I don't understand losing children like this. I sit here and ask God, "Why?" And while I know He tells us in His word that "His ways are not our ways", and I have full faith in His reasons for allowing events to occur, I can't reconcile this kind of loss, this kind of pain. My heart is physically aching for this family that I've never met. I just don't understand. *sigh*

This world is just hard. I'm ready for heaven.


Jennifer G. said...

I just finished reading parts of their blog. That is so incredibly sad and heart-breaking.

Johnda said...

I'm like you sobbing...not heart aches for this family..I just can't image...

Claudia said...

Right there with ya!

I cried as I read their blog, I subbed as I told my mom (over the phone) about this child and their family because I can not imagine the grief and the loss the stubbing pain but Yes there is a God who can comfort us if we only let Him.

*I got the their blog through a friend, then I read their friend's post and that's how I got to you!