Monday, February 16, 2009

Fun Fotos of Family & Fascinating Facts

Ellie discovered an ink pen.

Ellie discovered Sunshine's toes

Ellie "helping" me make muffins

"Cleaning up"

"That's one ... that's two ... give me more sit-ups, man!"

"Kissing" Curious George

"I'm thinking I'd like to listen to some music."

Not this one - it's Christmas!

As fast as I could put these up, she'd pluck them out, throw them down and get another one. Finally, I had to move her away, put them up quickly and divert her attention.

Look who is finally up on all fours. She did the commando crawl for so long I thought she might never crawl on all fours.

"I got you pinned!" Check out how big Elmo's eyes are -- he was really scared.

George must have told a great joke.

Playing with her "babies"

Digging the toys out one at a time and then throwing them on the ground to find another one.

Look at Little Miss sitting in her chair.
I started this post last night and the computer was in a MOOD, so I'm just getting it up tonight. Since I'm grieving the loss of my sweet Punchie, I've pretty much lost all of what I had planned to say here. I do know I was going to mention that Ellie has mastered drinking from a straw. She LOVES "Elmo juice" and slurps it right up from the juice pouce straw. It's a riot.
For those who have asked about our date. Well, it ended up that we got a late start and realized we could either go eat or to a movie but not both, so we chose the movie. We went to see Paul Bardt: Mall Cop. It was really funny with a great "feel good" ending. Then, the mall we were at had a shooting so we were in the midst of some drama but got out safely and decided dating wasn't all it was cracked up to be. *smile* It was nice to get out though and my parents had a good time with Josh and Ellie!

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