Monday, February 9, 2009

More Pix of our Kyrgyz Cutie

Ellie is developing and changing so quickly it's hard to keep a finger on the pulse of who she is from day to day. Her attachment has developed quite nicely recently and she has become more wary of "strangers" and tends to cling to mama a lot more. It takes her longer to warm up to people she doesn't know, and she's just not quite as forthcoming with those smiles. It's as if she has realized she doesn't have to charm every person she meets because she is safe and can just be herself and still be enormously loved. She seems to have realized that being part of a forever family means you don't have to be "on stage" all the time. It's a sweet thing to watch the process. Thank you, Elizabeth, for reminding me how healthy this is for her. Dr. Trey confirmed what you said today as being "spot on!!".

Today was another beautiful day here in Tennessee (in the 70s!!) and after volunteering at school (while she naps in her carseat I file papers and get the weekly work ready to send home), we stopped my MeeMee's. While she had already planned a full day's activities, she took several hours to spend with us enjoying being outside and took pictures of Ellie. Our friend, Ms. Betty stopped by and we even snapped a few of her with Ellie too. Little Miss didn't turn on the charm quite so much today, but there are still a few where we captured that full out smile and laugh that transforms her face into a magical princess. It was such a nice time!!

And, I'll warn you -- I can't pare them down any more than I have; you just have to wade through them all!! Mama took 111 photos. *surprise!* Poor Ellie slept from 12:30 until almost 3:30 she was so tired from all her "modeling" work.

Exploring a leaf.
She's still "very" into clapping. Here she is starting to clap.

This one was taken toward the end of her "session" and she was just tuckered out.

This is her "new thing". When she doesn't have a pacifier around, she chews on her thumb.

"Walking" with Ms. Betty

"Talking" with Ms. Betty.

This is this new "somber" look I'm telling you about. We get this look a LOT! I'm already scared about her teenaged years if this is what we are getting now. *smile*

But, then there is this sweet little face . . . makes ups for all the "somber" looks.


This dolphin swing was Joshua's at MeeMee and DeeDee's house from when he was Ellie's age. He LOVED this swing. It appears Ellie has the same reaction!

Poor Josh doesn't realize it but he's in for it next -- as soon as the yard greens up some, he's next.


Mom to 2 Angels said...

You got some great pictures today!

Shannon said...

Those are some incredible pictures! Of course it helps that you have an absolutely darling subject! :)

Jennifer G. said...

Emmerson had that same pretty little outfit. Just as with Ellie, it looked so sweet on her.

Kelli said...

Love that smile!

Lori said...

SO CUTE. I just love them! I am so looking into good cameras (although ours is pretty good) and photo editing software...can't wait for a cutie of our own to picture!