Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's That Time - Encores and More North Consignment Sale

Hey ladies -- it's that time again!!! Time for the Encores and More North consignment sale. This year it's going to be in the old Goody's building at Rivergate so I am SO excited because of all the space they will have. I thought last year's sale was fantastic (my pocketbook, however, was a lot lighter when I left *smile*), but with all the space, this year's sale is going to be fantastic, I think.

Of all the consignment sales I've been to, I truly think this one is my favorite because it seems to have the best selection of the clothes I like to buy for Ellie and the prices are really good too! That's why I've chosen to save Ellie's things for this sale and why I'm chosing to work/volunteer at this one.

I'm so excited about it. You all know how I like to talk. I was talking to people at the Franklin sale that I didn't even know and giving them advice on their purchases while I waited in line to get in!

I've added a link at the top for more information! I hope to see you guys there!!

Hey, mama, you up for another midnight run on preview night???


Mom to 2 Angels said...

I'll be in that hour long line to get in and the 2 hour line to get out! I didn't consign this year, so I'll just be with the common folk. I hope you snag some great deals!

Brea said...

If it kills me, I swear there will not be a two hour wait at check out this time. Hold me to it!!! :)

Khakismum said...

Good luck as a worker Maria!! I just came off a one week+, 9 shift stint with Kidsignemnts here. Oh my stars above! 1 set up day, 3 check in days, 1 preview day, 5 public shopping days, 2 clean up/sort days and 1 pick up day. I do NOT know how Jerri Lynn does it! I worked 8 of the 13 days, it took me 3 days to recover. Good luck! You get the best selection as a worker so it's totally worth it!! :-) Let us know what you got!