Monday, February 2, 2009

Punch Update

This is Punch waving Hi! to all her fans out in blogger land . . .

Thanks for those of you who have asked about how Punch is doing. She had a trip back to the vet last Thursday following her release on Monday. She was not eating anything and was hiding in the back of the closet and acted as if she had something stuck in her throat.
Turns out that was nausea -- partly from her kidney issue, partly from not eating. She had further tests and they found that one kidney was slightly larger than the other and that her white blood count was higher than on Thursday so they started her on antibiotics. I brought her home Friday afternoon and she spent most of the weekend sleeping -- mostly in the closet. However, she has begun to sleep in the bed again, has begun to eat again and even went out and sat on the front porch a few times -- sunning. She is on a medication for her hyperthyroidism, a half pill for high blood pressure (caused by hyperthyroidism), an antibiotic and we have nausea meds if needed. We are hopeful that when she returns Wednesday for a blood pressure check (ok, pause here for a moment and get a visual on a cat getting their blood pressure checked -- does it look something like this? This is not Punch, but ironically looks a lot like her). Is this not a funny image??

Anyway, we are hopeful that the blood pressure issue will resolve with the hyperthyroid getting under control. And most of all, we are hopeful that the kidney function returns to normal. I know that she is older and I don't expect her to be as healthy as a kitten, but I DO hope she still has some good years left. Time will tell.

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Lori said...

Best wishes, Punch, on a speedy recovery!