Thursday, October 29, 2009

19 Months Old

Today Ellie is 19 months old. How is she getting older so quickly?? I think I've already covered many of her milestones, so I won't repeat. To "celebrate" and since we are still just "girls only" at our house, we went to the park to play.

Actually, we went to the park to meet someone who wanted the puppy we found under our shed on Sunday. Craziest thing: Kevin was changing his brakes and went up to the shop for something and heard a dog under the shed. Now, the shed is a prefab built on a wooden frame set on the ground so the poor puppy couldn't have had much room under there. It took the neighbor's daughter to get under the shed and pull him out after we dug out some of the dirt. They were wonderful and agreed to "foster" him at their house until we could find a home for him. After much begging on Facebook and a lot of people working to find him a home, today he found his "mama" and was taken home to lead a life of spoiling. She named him Boots because of his white paws all around. He's such a cutie. In the small world category, the girl who took him is the daughter of one of my former babysitters and one of my former neighbors when I was a kid. Small world.

We did enjoy having him at the park and he played hard with Ellie. It was so sweet that I found myself thinking, "Oh, we should keep him for Ellie." Then, I came back to my senses quickly and realized that it was this kind of thinking that would lead me to a 10-15 year commitment to an animal that I just really didn't want to make. So, I was glad she took him.

Ellie enjoyed swinging on the swings, sliding down the slide (always backwards unless you pull her feet and she comes down forward with your hands on her), climbing, digging in the mulch and playing with the puppy. It was a nice day to do that too.

Kevin called from their camping trip at LBL and said that Josh was having a blast but that everyone there (including -- or especially -- the adults) was ready to get on the bus and come home because they were exhausted. When I talked to him last at 10:00 p.m., they were on their 30-45 minute NIGHT hike. Yeah, right -- not me. He sounded pooped. Poor guy. I miss them a lot. I'm sure Ellie does too. Today, she went into Josh's room and just looked around. I explained to her that they were camping and would be home in a little while. That seemed to satisfy her. I'm sure when Josh comes home he'll be super-tired. Hope he can hold out on Halloween night; I'm betting he will!!

Ellie and I spent a good portion of the day cleaning house. She is a sweet little helper and we did manage to sneak in quite a bit of cuddle and play time. She's gotten to be so lovey to her mama; it's very sweet.

And the mommy is tired. I had SO hoped to have ALL the laundry done when Kevin got home but I added in a lot of blankets and pillow loads so I STILL have two or three more to go (I've been doing laundry since 10 a.m. this morning with several breaks in between for dog shuffling). Oh well.... there's always tomorrow, huh?


multimom said...

Happy 19 months, Ellie!! It is amazing to watch you grow up so quickly on the pages of your Mommy's blog. Bethany says hi!


Maral said...

Wonderful photos! I don't any more remember how I came across your site. I am so glad to hear that Ellie found a loving and beautiful family! I am originally from Kyrgyzstan but I live in France. I have a 24 month-old daughter she is half French half Kyrgyz. But Ellie and her resemble a lot!

I closely follow the lives of Kyrgyz orphans and your story made me happy. I will keep following your site.

With best wishes,