Sunday, October 25, 2009

Football Season -- OVER!!!

Saturday was the Joelton Vikings' first play-off game. From this point on it is win or go home. Well, we went home. It was suprising since we were the division champions (see the lovely window clings we got):

And while I love my cling, compared to the Super Bowl rings the boys got last year, they paled in comparison. However, you have to earn those rings and even though we had a good season, we certainly did not earn them this year. *sigh*

There is no one good reason that I can think of that we lost, but maybe a bunch of little reasons all added together. But, as I explained to Josh, it doesn't really matter why you lost, you just did. He and I both agreed that if we had won, it would have been fine, but losing was ok too because basketball has just started and it was about to get crazy. In fact, we sped away from the playoff game headed to the season opening scrimmage basketball game. He literally ran in as the game started.

I got some great pictures of Josh this week (football related) because I just had this feeling early on that this was going to be the last game.

I'm so glad we still live in a community where prayer is ok and appreciated before a football game.

It was a mud fest on the field after rains from the day before. We were also the third team to play on the field that day. Yuck.

And despite some of this on the sidelines:

This was the final result:

And after the game, BOTH teams met at mid-field for a game closing prayer of thanks. Wow!

After the game, some kids were really upset. Josh just doesn't seem so much.

And now, we begin basketball. Practice takes the same nights/times as football did and games will take a later Saturday afternoon slot than football, so rather than gaining time, we are simply trading activities.

Thanks for lots of fun this year, Vikings!!

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Rachel said...

These are some of THE BEST pics on your blog yet! They just get better and better. Congrats to Josh on a good season...get em next year!