Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Why is it that kids always want to do things and yet when you do it, they get bored and walk off?

Josh has been begging us to carve pumpkins forever so after he got home today we decided to carve the pumpkins. He picked an alien template and he and Kevin got to work. I was the babysitter and photographer to start with.

Ellie was terribly interested in everything about the process.
Kevin said this is where the pumpkin threw up -- GROSS.

This is the final Alien pumpkin. It's hard to see the nose and mouth unless you look closely.
After the boys (um, Kevin) finished the Alien pumpkin, I carved an Elmo pumpkin for Ellie. I offered to carve Josh's little pumpkin but he said he didn't want one -- see why there are not as many pictures of him and his stuff?? The white stuff on the stem is flour -- don't ask.
After I carved Elmo, Ellie kept taking his nose out -- over and over and over.

Then she decided she wanted to eat some of the pumpkin and took several bites of it. YUK.

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