Friday, October 9, 2009

Hiatus -- Over?

Yeah, that lasted a long time, didn't it? I didn't get to soak in the tub, paint my finger/toe nails, but I did get to read a bit of a book before I fell asleep each night. Whoo hoo.

Anyway, it was a FORCED return to blogging because I realized that a year ago today (well, date-wise tomorrow, but day-wise today), Jennifer and I were scurrying around like mad dogs getting ready to leave Nashville on planes bound for K'stan to pick up Ellie.

I called Jennifer today and we had a few moment reminiscing and she was certainly glad she was not getting on a plane today but was, instead, shopping. She did wear her "K-stan" shoes today in honor of the day!!

A year -- unbelievable. The excitement of getting on that plane knowing that I was going to finally get to walk out of the orphanage with my baby girl and never have to go back was preeminent on my mind. The fact that God had orchestrated this union over a period of four years (from the beginning of time actually) and through various countries, trials and disappointments has remained in my heart since that time. It has given me a greater faith-base to trust Him -- even when things seem dismal and hard (like right now in the job arena for Kevin).

For anyone who wants to go back a year with me, the posts are here, here and here.

I will now return to my self-imposed hiatus (until tomorrow when there will be football pictures and the football team's campout-dirt bike riding adventures to post -- see, never any rest) :-)

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