Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Funny Pumpkin Story

Last night we needed milk so I ran to Wal*mart. While there I noticed the pumpkins were marked down to $2.48 and I went ahead and got two for the porch and for carving. When I picked the first one up, I sat it up in the seat section so Ellie could see and touch it. I told her (you know, slow and loud like she didn't have hearing or any concept) that this was a PUMPKIN. She patted it. I then said, "Bubba will help you carve it." She then patted the pumpkin and said, "Bubba." I didn't think anything about it and I put it in the cart.

At check out, when I got it out, she patted it and said, "Bubba." Huh?

When we were putting it in the back of the car, she patted it again and said, "Bubba."

When we got home and got it out to se on the porch, she patted it and said, "Bubba."

We are still trying to decide if she thinks it's a "bubba" or if she thinks Bubba has a pumpkin head. :-) Regardless, it's funny to see her everytime she gets near the pumpkin to pat it and say, "Bubba".

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