Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend Recap

I feel like I spent the the entire weekend at the ballpark.

Saturday Josh's team played football at our park instead of Ashland City because their field was holding water from all the recent rains. I was bummed early on in the game because I started having lens/camera issues. My camera reported "communication errors" to the lens and finally the auto focus just gave up the ghost. I had a "short" lens to work with but the picture quality just isn't the same. Oh well.... I got some pictures, at least.

Ellie with the grandparents having a snack

Josh assists in a take-down.

Josh at half-time

Josh has several friends who go to school with him that play on the opposing team. I said a few years from now when they are all playing high school ball, this will be a nice photo to have of them -- looking back.

DeeDee entices Ellie with the keys. She loves to "drive".

Ellie showing Austin her Vikings crocs.

After the resounding 35-0 win over the Titans, a large portion of the kids, coaches and parents took off for the scheduled camping trip. Out in the middle of a cow pasture, the parents set about setting up camp while the boys rode dirt bikes and four wheelers until it got dark. After that, we all ate and sat around a camp fire for a while. By this point Ellie was getting antsy and not wanting her to fall smack dab in a "pile", I decided it was time she and I leave. Many moms didn't spend the night -- pansies that we all are -- and I was certainly one of them. While I laid it on the fact that I didn't want Ellie to wake the entire camp up if she woke up crying, the truth is I don't like sleeping outside when it's COLD. Now, you Northern folks will laugh when I say 46* is cold, but down here in Tennessee, that's COLD to me. :-) So, Ellie and I went home and slept where there was heat and soft beds. I'm told there were snipe hunting outings, a hay ride, some "haunted" woods and lots of play time before folks started drifting off to bed in the wee hours of the morning.

Josh on Bailey's bike -- I'm still not sure why he preferred Bailey's bike to his but he rode it more than he did his own. None to worry, someone else rode his.

Ellie trying on her first motorcycle helmet -- isn't she cute?

Ellie "riding" her first dirt bike - ha! Rest assured someone was holding her, the bike was not running and she did not seem the least bit interested. I'm hoping she'll stick with something a little less nerve wrecking on her mom!

Cooper -- the dog of the man who let us use his land to camp. Cooper was the BEST dog and I'm told he ate so many "droppings" and "leftovers" that he couldn't move on Sunday morning! Is anyone surprised that I took pictures of the dog? Seems I've passed my "animal whisperer" title on to Ellie who loves animals just like her mama.

Ellie sporting her "new" coat. If I'm not mistaken, this is one I bought a year or so ago from my friend Mayme who realized that many of the clothes she'd gotten for Emma were too small. We, however, are CERTAINLY enjoying it. Isn't she cute??

This was another "accident" photo because the light was fading fast, but I LOVE it. It seems to magnify the movement of the dirt bike riding.

Sunday morning brought some more bike riding, breakfast and breaking camp to return home. The Latham family then got showers, all took naps and then this afternoon headed BACK to the park to work concessions from 2:30 - 6:00 as part of a fundraiser for the team. Afterwards, we let Ellie and Josh play at the playground at the park. Ellie went down the slide for the first time by herself tonight. GRANTED, she goes down backwards on her stomach, but HEY! it's a start.

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