Wednesday, October 28, 2009

(S)tinkerbell fairy

Ellie and I went to MeeMee's tonight to take pictures of her in her costume since the "boys" were gone. It was sort of a way to capture her at 19 months as well since the last trip to JCP did NOT turn out so well. I'm clear why now . There is a special place in heaven reserved for folks who photograph children in the throes of "terrible twos". While Ellie is not two yet, it is VERY CLEAR that she has the mindset that she is. She is so terribly independent. We pulled out a gazillion and one props and whichever prop was NOT in the camera spot was the one she wanted to be on. We (mom mainly) took 176 photos. I immediately deleted down to 67. I'm now going back through and editing to see where we can go from there. I'd like to be at 20 or so. Of the 67 there are a scant few of her looking AT the camera. There are likely NONE where she wasn't moving. I'm exhausted. I'm sure my mom is as well.

Kevin reported that he and Josh are having a good time at their camping adventure with the 6th grade class. Josh's group got to canoe this afternoon. They had some team building exercises as well. Bad news is that it is supposed to rain starting tomorrow afternoon at 3-ish and continue on until Saturday some time. Poor kids. I HOPE HOPE HOPE it stops raining for Trick-or-Treating time.

Here are the ones I could get edited tonight. More tomorrow if/when I get some free time.

This is "more candy" please. Toward the end of the "shoot", we were bribing her with small pieces of a Milky Way. Yeah, I know. Don't knock it until you've been there and tried it, though. *smile* We were desperate.

I left her wand at home. This was a pretty good substitute though because it kept her attention. I like that you can see the back of her dress here.

Ellie was trying to feed me her earrings at this point.

Doing the hand movements to "the doors on the bus go open and shut"

This is a very familiar face to me now. She'll just look at you and screech -- for no apparent reason as well as when she is not getting her way. Either way it doesn't every get her anything except in trouble. But, she keeps doing it.

We broke/lost part of her Dollar Tree earrings that match her crown, so MeeMee let her borrow some of hers. She wouldn't keep them on AT ALL and was more interested in pulling them off and inspecting them.

"The Princess" as a Tinkerbell Fairy -- complete down to her sparkly silver shoes (or shoos as Ellie calls them)

Toward the end, she started to get tired and wanted to lay down and rest. I thought this was sweet, sweet.
There are quite a few more I want to post, but it's midnite and I need to get to be before I turn into a "pumpkin" -- yeah, it's lame, but it's that time of year!


Mom to 2 Angels said...

I love the one of her from the back and the one laying down! Definitely framers :)

Lindsey Carney said...

She is too cute, Maria! I also cracked up at the "Ditto" post!

Cassie said...

She is so adorable and getting so big! I've been following your blog since before you brought her home!