Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday we made the trip out to Honeysuckle Hill Farm with our friends Andrea, AP and C, their family and some of their friends from church. It all sounded like a good idea when we planned it, but the rain was not a factor we had planned on dealing with.

The fun started when we arrived and one of A's friend's truck got stuck in the mud. After a while of directing, pushing, and mud slinging, she managed to get the truck out. Then, the rain started. We were troopers though and trudged on to the learning center. Our friend Dana gives the "How Pumpkins are Grown and Pollinated" training, but with our wee ones, she cut her speech short as the attention span just wasn't there. *smile* The picture looks like they are all paying attention, but that lasted a very short time.

After the learning center, we visited some of the farm animals. Ellie was enraptured with the bunny rabbits. She liked the donkey but was a wee bit afraid of it. The donkey couldn't figure out her squeaky shoes! Funny!!

Josh tried out milking the cows which is a pretty fun interactive exhibit. Then it was off to the pig races. The pigs had some really cool names, but we decided that our favorite (and Kevin's -new nickname) was Kevin Bacon. He even won his race!

After some fun watching the pigs, there was more animal viewing and then Ellie rode the tire horse. She had a great time riding it. Josh had moved on to the corn maze.

We then all headed over to the Corn Crib -- probably the most favorite activity for all the kids. It's a big tub filled with corn that the kids could get in and play. Josh let all the wee ones cover him up in corn.

By the time we finished this we were all freezing and wet so we headed over to get our free "Touch of Autumn" pumpkins and leave. I would have loved to have had pictures of Josh getting his pumpkin but he raced ahead, got it and headed off to look at the tractors. Ah, the joys of a tween who really prefers not to be seen with his parents. *smile* Ellie couldn't decided between all the pumpkins so we finally just picked her one.

Sorry the pix aren't better and more. I had really great plans but I didn't want to get my camera out in the rain and no one really wanted to get their pictures made because it was so cold and rainy. Maybe we can try again on a dry (warm) day.


Allison said...

Looks like so much fun (despite the rain)! We've had plans to go to the pumpkin patch but am determined to wait for better weather.

Lori said...

Still looks like a good time was had...even with the uncooperative weather! I love Ellie's little outfit!