Monday, October 12, 2009

The Road to Tokmok

When we were on our first trip to K'stan, I took as many pictures as I could as we flew down the roads at 80-90 mph on our daily trips to Tokmok. I remember thinking that one day I wanted to publish them in a book along with Ellie's adoption story and that I was going to title it "The Road to Tokmok". I still have that goal in mind -- and one day, maybe I can, just not right now as life with an 18 month old certainly keeps me hopping.

Looking back through the pictures I took from the day I travelled back to pick up Ellie stirred sweet memories of my time there and I wanted to share. They are much like anyone else's vacation pictures -- ones that mean nothing to anyone else but me and possibly those who have travelled that same Road to Tokmok as well. Honestly, I'm surprised that I managed to get any pictures at all I was so nervous and excited about getting back to Ellie. The pictures, however, took me right back there -- to all the emotions I felt, to the reality of life there to feeling as if I were there again. Seeing the pictures of the kids made me wonder if one day Ellie will resent the fact that I took her from her birth country and denied her her heritage there. I don't think so, and I hope not, but I wonder.

Anyway, enjoy the pix!
Kids in a village on the way to Tokmok.

The beautiful mountains and fields I got to see on the way every day.

A fruit stand on the way to Tokmok

A donkey pulling a wagon of hay. I loved the fact that the donkeys just went right down the roads.

This is the sign as you come into Tokmok. This is when I would start to get excited on each trip because I knew we were really close. It's a beautiful sign.
This was taken just outside a fruit/veggie bazaar that we stopped at to get fruit for this children. Some very sweet folks back home had sent money so that the kids could get fresh fruits and we were able to load up here.

This is outside the home of a local. The bags are full of potatoes, best I can remember.

This is in the center of Tokmok looking toward the mountains.

This aircraft sits in the town of Tokmok.

Where Ellie spent her first six months.


Mala said...

Wow, that brings back memories!!! Thanks for sharing.

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

I was walking down the hall at LifeWay and something caught my eye - it was Ellie! Love her picture on the front of the Sunday School issue!