Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just a Little Off the Top, Please

I was just so tired of Ellie's hair being fuzzy and in her eyes. I know I probably should have continued to let it "grow out" but it was just bothering me. So I cut it (and no, mama, I didn't cut enough to save a lock for you -- I'll get you one when she gets a real haircut). Honestly, it was just a little trim of her bangs and a little bit of evening out in the back and the sides. And I'm pleased with how it turned out (considering how much she was wiggling, eating M&Ms as a bribe and shaking her head "no" while I trimmed). I'm certainly not a professional, but it was such a small job I didn't feel it was time to hit the professionals yet. *smile* Now that it's even, I can let it grow.

Today, Kevin brought in the slide for her to play on and she loved it. I'm sure it will probably take up a huge hunk of my living room for a while to come.

And THIS is her new favorite thing to do -- climb up on the chair at the table, sit down and the computer and start working. Isn't it funny? She's so serious!!

I thinks she's been watching her "Bubba" a little too much. Wonder what he's looking at??? (here's a hint: the very same computer Ellie is looking at)

I'm really proud of Josh who got his report card today, and his grades were all 90-100 averages -- great job Josh!! They also filled out a survey for guidance about what they want to be when they grow up (to begin to help them think about their futures) and Josh said he wanted to be an Environmental Scientist. They did a cool interest survey where you color things Green if you like doing something, yellow if you sort of do and red if you aren't interested and then you color in a graph and it tells you what types of careers would suit your interests. It was no surprise to me that the things that interest Josh have a nice combination of hands-on, problem-solving and creativity/building. I've known since he was a little guy and building dams at my mom's house to divert the water in her driveway that he was definitely able to look at a problem, figure out how to solve it and then physically do the work that needed to be done to fix it. It is his gift. I can't wait to see what he makes of his adult life. I know he will be successful at whatever he chooses!

Kevin got a call from one of his applications today. It is a job that is in Tullahoma, which is about an hour and 15 minute drive one way and the pay is significantly less than he was making. HOWEVER, as we discussed, if this is what God wants for him right now, this is what we will do. It is a job and we will be thankful if it ends up being the one God provides for us. He should hear back from them the first part of next week. In the mean time, we continue to pray for God's continued blessings in our life and for the job for Kevin that God wants for him.

AND last, but certainly not least ....


We are going out to celebrate on Friday night with him and my mom so pictures then.


Julie said...

Good Luck to Kevin!! (We're at the 35 week mark with NO call backs whatsoever!! Oh, yeah, an unemployment dangerously close to coming to an end. All we can do is pray and believe that it'll work out...)

And Ellie's hair looks WAY improved with that little cut you gave her!!

Maria said...

Julie, what does your husband do? I will pray for him when I pray for Kevin. What's his name so I can pray specifically (sp??). Thanks for the compliment on E's hair. I'm just happy it's out of her eyes. I'm thinking I might hit Josh's hair while he's asleep. *smile*

Mom to 2 Angels said...

AP does the same thing with our computers, she says she is "working". However she has managed to do some damage to the computer a time or two so we try to limit the amount of "work" she does :) Yay, for the call back!

Lori said...

Yippee for a callback--even if it is less than desired for location and pay right now...praying it works out and if nothing else, helps in the interim until something closer and more to his payscale comes. Some of the best jobs I have ever had didn't pay anywhere near what I wanted, but we made it through and I was thankful for the experience. Hope that's the case for him!

Haircut done beautifully...John has sworn that his boy will go with him for haircuts. Period. He knows how I am with scissors! :) Of course, he goes on base and pays $5 for a haircut, so I can agree with that!