Sunday, October 4, 2009

Joelton Vikings Rock on Saturday

This past Saturday Josh's team, the Vikings, played against the South Cheatham Indians and played awesome. They won the game 36-3 in the third quarter, and the second string even got to play a lot.

After the game, our dear friends from the Vikings presented us a gift and we were so moved at both their sweet genorosity and sacrifice as well as God's provision for our family. Every day God continues to remind us that He will take care of us until the time He has Kevin's job ready. And while I'm very impatient and would certainly like for it to be today (as I'm certain Kevin would like as well), we are reminded of our wait for Ellie and how much more she is than we could have ever expected. We are also reminded of all the events surrounding Ellie's adoption and how she almost wasn't our sweet daughter and how God worked that out. It helps me to remember that something as simple as a job is something we don't have to worry about. BUT... that's not about Josh's football, so I've gotten a little off task.

Josh was one of the three captains for this game.

Only two more regular season games and then we head to play-offs! Go Vikings-Go Josh!!

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