Friday, October 9, 2009


Took some pix today because I haven't in a while. Nothing spectacular or posed -- just life.

Josh and Ellie have fallen into a routine that every night before Ellie goes up to take her bath, they spend 15-20 minutes in wild, loud, raucous fun. They wrestle (as much as a boy Josh's size can wrestle with a girl Ellie's size -- she's going to be one tough little cookie later on!!), chase each other around, play tug of war with her blankie, play hide and seek and pet the dogs. It's hard to catch a photo -- much less a good one -- of them playing, but it's so sweet to hear Ellie laughing with Josh. It's not so sweet, however, when she starts to get all whiny, and Josh certainly knows how to push her buttons to get her angry. All in all, though, they do pretty well and seem to enjoy this time and this ritual.

Ellie loves pizza. However, tonight, she discovered she adores black olives, mushrooms and sausage. That's predominantly what she picked off her pizza. She does not like green peppers. She also loves soda. [Yes, I know, save the comments on how it's not good for her because I probably will just ignore them. *smile*] She is now drinking from a cup with no lid and typically never spills a drop. This girl is so very coordinated that I'm amazed. She also loves using a spoon and fork to eat and does really well with those as well. We've been working on learning to bow our heads, fold our hands and pray. That is not going nearly as well as the cup drinking. *smile*

I tell everyone about the cute thing Ellie does (and has done for a long time now) with purses. She'll see one, pick it up, put it on her shoulder and then STOP, look at you, wave, blow you a kiss and then walk to the door as if she's going out. It's a riot. It's the same every single time too. So funny!!

And for some reason I've never thought to give her a whole apple. Today she saw them in the fridge and wanted one so I gave her one. She had quite a bit of fun with it.

Funny story on Kevin. He went to get a hair cut and his regular guy was out. He says he told he guy to take off 1/4". What the guy heard was cut it down to 1/4". Basically, he's bald, er, shaved, um, without hair. Josh told me to take a picture so we could share it with Uncle Steve because he said that's who he reminds him of. Kevin said he thinks he looks like Corbin Benson on Psych. It has taken a wee bit to get used to, but I don't freak every time I look at him now. ha!

I am hoping for some positive news from K'stan soon. Word has it that there is hope that the 65 waiting children might be coming home soon!! Continue prayers for these children and their families. On a sad note, my blogger friend, B. recently got the news that her referred son's birthmom returned to claim him and parent him. Please remember B., her son B. and his birthmom in your prayers. It's a hard time for her as you can imagine.

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