Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ahhhh.... Christmas

Only 63 days -- 9 weeks -- until Christmas.
Please begin to breathe again now, ok?

So, I'm pondering the Christmas situation this year. Obviously we are going to concentrate on just Josh and Ellie this year. My parents and Kevin's mom have indicated they don't want gifts (although I might make them something!! -- don't remember this, mama!!), and I'm sure most everyone else on our "normal giving" list will understand if we have to make sacrifices this year.

HOWEVER, with all that said, I've been browsing the Internet and the local ToysRUs stores and I'm just stymied about what to get Ellie. Really she needs nothing -- seriously, it looks a lot like TRU at our house right now. So, honestly, she will be getting only a few things because there is no room and no need. Josh has told us the one big item he wants. We will try to get that item for him. He understands (although probably doesn't really like it) the situation this year. I had already purchased a few things for both of them and they are "stuck back".

So, the question I pose to you moms of little girls (and moms who've had little girls who might not be so little anymore):
What do TWO-YEAR-OLD girls like to play with the
VERY MOST at your house and/or in your experience?
While Ellie's not two, she will be 21 months at Christmas so two is around the corner. She's not been too fond of baby dolls just yet, although she does love her stuffed animals.

The comments section is now OPEN!! If you can't comment, email me at I'd love to hear your ideas!! I'll compile a "Top Ten" list if I get lots of comments!


Mom to 2 Angels said...

AP's favorites are babies, baby bottles, baby beds, baby diapers, all things baby! I know she is a year older, but this year she really wants a baby that peepees and poopoos :)

Julie said...

My Abby always liked her animals (starting at about a year), and she (so far) has never gotten into baby dolls. She is three now, and still prefers her animals over dolls by a mile. Does Ellie like drawing (well at 21 months, a toddler version of drawing?) If so those color wonder things that make no mars at all unless on the special paper. What about FP little people? They have a very cute princess one, and the princess even looks asian! Is she into tea parties? There is an awesome (FP again) tea set with 3 shape sorter things and it makes a pouring sound and reinforces please and thank you! Then there is the (FP again!) purse with cute accessories like an oversized lipstick.

Julie said...

I meant "makes no marks..."

Jeanne said...

I don't have any girl recommendations but I wanted to add that craigs list is a great place to find gently used toys for a lot less money. I've heard that Santa is going green this year. ;)

Melissa said...

Well, Rory just turned 3, but her favorite item hands down the last year has been her baby and play stroller. A quick second would be the shopping cart and kitchen set.

Jamie said...

When Ashtyn was that age, we gave her a play kitchen with food and dishes and pots and pans and all. She adored it for many years. Now, it is Kenzie's favorite place to play