Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I think Ellie is about to "cut loose" talking. Well, for her, that is. She babbles ALL THE TIME and things are starting to make more sense. We hear her singing a lot -- she seems to make up her own songs, mostly to do with babies, which is her favorite word to say, I think. Her new thing is to say some "verb" and "me" or just "me" to mean she wants something. She came up to me yesterday and said, "Shoe Me" and handed me her shoes to put on. CUTE!!! When she wants something you have she says, "ME!" "ME!" "ME!" It's clear she means, "Give it to me; do it for me; go with me." She also has taken to grabbing you hand and just pulling you to wherever she wants you to take her -- usually its to a car where she wants to "drive" -- she makes the cutest driving motion when she wants to go drive. At least she is a cautious driver, usually strapping on her seat belt in the front seat before she takes off pushing all the buttons and turning the steering wheel.

Today, she sat up in her high chair saying, "Hey!" "Hey!" Occasionally she says, "Hi Cat" (like Hotdog did when she was our house back in the summer). She still LOVES the cats and petting them, but she's not quite as delicate as she once was so I have to continue to remind her to "pet easy". The cats are pretty tolerant.

She has finally started kissing me on occasion. I can say, "Give mama a kiss" and about 25% of the time I'll get a kiss. The odds are greater for a hug which is is free to give. She still thinks that when you tell her to give someone a kiss THEY are supposed to kiss her. *sweet*

I can't wait to hear what fun things she'll be saying next. I'm hoping she will soon learn to nod her head yes instead of just no. It's hard to ask her a question and get head shaking for no and then nothing for yes. Then it's a guessing game as to whether you've got the right answer from her. I've turned into a head bobbing fool around her lately trying to teach her "yes".

I've tricked her into waving hi. She would only wave bye to people. Now, when we see someone I just say, "Wave bye to them" and she just waves and blows kisses like they are going out of style.

Josh is leaving for his 6th grade camping trip tomorrow. I'm hoping he will have a lot of fun!!! MAYBE we'll get a picture or two -- who knows with a boy; he'll probably be too busy.

I'm really looking forward to Halloween this year!! Ellie is going to be a pixie fairy with a purple and green costume with a tutu and wings (you'll see pix later) with striped purple/green leggings and SILVER sparkly shoes. Now, girl LOVES her some shoes so I suspect we may NEVER get these off her feet. She has a tiara that I'm CERTAIN she will not wear and a WAND that she got at Target. She's fond of it, but I'm not sure she'll care it either. Josh is just super excited that he gets to be a gorilla -- it's the little things, isn't it??

And, in the job search arena, Kevin had an interview on Monday. He felt pretty confident that he did well. They are interviewing one other candidate and will make a decision sometime in the next week-two weeks. Fingers are crossed and prayers are going up that they choose Kevin.

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