Saturday, April 3, 2010

Annual Egg Hunt - Owen Farm

Today was such a beautiful day for a day on the farm. We went over to Josh's teacher's family farm for their second annual egg hunt. It was so fun to see the difference in Ellie from last year to this year. While she was very interested in the animals, if we got too close or asked if she wanted to pet them, she vehemently shook her head and said, "NO! NO! NO!".

I thought it was really sweet that this little girl came over to show her her chicken.

Here's Josh and his chicken. He couldn't figure how they colored the chickens. [Umm... food coloring??]

Josh also loved this rubber duck race.

We went on a long hayride and she did really well.

She was very interested, however, in the Easter Bunny. At one point, when he was sitting in the grass, she sat down beside him and kept inching over closer and closer until I had to move her so others could take photos.

Josh collected quite a few eggs for Ellie, which is good because there were so many people that Ellie was just overwhelmed and she and I only managed to scoop up three eggs. She was happy with them, until she realized there was no candy in them. The set-up was that you traded in your eggs for candy -- pretty neat idea, huh?

There were bouncy/slides at this event and Ellie managed to talk Josh into taking her. The girl LOVES these!

I love this picture of Kevin!

Ellie carried her candy tightly, eating as much as she could open, on the way to the car where she promptly passed out for a quick nap on the way to the nursing home to see grandmother.

We have had a really nice day today in the warm weather. I can't wait to celebrate Easter tomorrow!

This was my absolute favorite photo of the day. There's just something sweet about it.


Kelli said...

I love Ellie's dress and that last picture! The bouncy house pic is great too. Happy Easter!

Jeanne said...

That last photo is terrific! Love Ellie's dress! Hope you have a lovely Easter with your family.

Hilary Marquis said...

Wonderful pictures of your kids!