Thursday, April 8, 2010

Healthy Choices: Day Three

More of an update for me than you, honestly, but an accountability tool for me each day, knowing I'll report in "to myself".

Today went well. I worked from home today with Ellie here and we made very healthy choices with our food.

In addition, today we added the dreaded EXERCISE to our regimine. Turns out it wasn't so bad. It was too cool to wash toys outside so we went for a walk. Ellie rode in the wagon and Josh and I walked. We took turns pulling her -- him on the way and me on the way back. Guess what? Our roads are hilly!! Great resistance, I suppose. We walked two miles. I was not quite so happy to learn I only burned around 170 calories. Oh well... it's better than eating that many I suppose. We will try to incorporate that walk into our week several times a week as I know it will be helpful for both Josh and I. Ellie certainly enjoyed the ride too.

I found a couple of on-line sites where I can get the "points" value of foods (which I am mentally counting but not officially following Weight Watchers).

It actually hasn't been so bad -- so far. I'm trying to keep in mind it's a change of lifestyle and not a diet.

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