Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Two Year Old Check Up

Ellie had her two-year-old check up on Monday. We were lucky that she only had to have one shot. I have discovered the PERFECT way to do shots for her. I get a sucker on the way in (why are they on the way out??) and put it in my pocket for shot time. When the shot comes in, I distract her by showing her the sucker and unwrapping. She pops it in about the time the shot goes in and while she has a moment of "WHAT?" she hardly ever cries or makes a fuss. This time, she just pointed at her band-aid and said, "Boo boo!" and continued on with her sucker.

As I suspected, we had a HUGE growth spurt in her height. She has grown 2.5" in the last six months. Since her first visit to the doctor in December 2008 (16 months), she has grown 7.75" -- that's huge to me. She's moved up to a respectable 27th percentile in height, but bless her heart, she's still only at 7th percentile for her weight, currently at 22 lbs, 14 oz. However, since 50th percentile is only 26 pounds, I'm seriously not concerned about it. She eats very well -- eats a variety of foods and has stayed on a nice curve.

The doctor was so pleased with her development/growth/health that he said we didn't have to come back for a year. Whoo hoo!! Of course, the irony of her wonderful health was not lost to me. This is a child we feared might not live and who might have had a condition that caused us to feel we were unable to accept her referral. And now, she is the picture of health. Our God is HUGE!

Granted, she has developed a lovely case of allergies and we have put her on daily Zyrtec. She can't go outside without her nose running like a sugar tree. It's SO gross. I'm hopeful that this will be helpful for her. It's pretty much JUST outside and we've noticed a little contact allergies from her times in the grass. Poor girl. I laugh that Josh is on one allergy pill, I'm on a different one and Ellie, now, is on another different one. I went to the pharmacy today and I looked like a sinus medicine collector. Claritin -- check; Zyrtec -- check; Sudafed -- check!

So, the little premie peanut from K'stan is very healthy and we are very happy. Interestingly enough, our doctor is planning a fall trip to K'stan. I gave him information to hook up with John Wright in hopes he can do some medical volunteer work while he is there. I'm sure John would be able to put him to work in some of the orphanages. I'm so glad he will get the opportunity to go there. His life will never be the same -- mine wasn't.


Jackie said...

Bravo, Ellie. You're a cute little peanut!! (btw, appears she has passed Noli in weight :)

Julie and John Wright said...

Just catching up on y reading.. April 6 was a litle buisy..hahaha... any ways, I would love to touch base with your Dr and have lots of work for him... I have great conections with the Childrens hospital there as well as several smaller hospitals and clinics... please encourage hin to contact me
Blessings John