Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Heart is Breaking ...

...for a country I have come to care so much about -- a country and it's people. I got a phone call from Elizabeth today (my travel mate for our trips to K'stan to meet and pick up Ellie) about the state of emergency over the violent rioting that is currently going on in Kyrgyzstan. This has apparently been going on for two days and several have been killed and many have been injured.

When I got home I found this video from YouTube

Here is a news story on the current opposition against the current president who are demanding his resignation.

My stomach currently feels sick. I don't have words to explain how I truly feel, honestly. I am so sad. I am scared for those who are there. I am hurt for those who have been injured or lost their lives. I'm disturbed by the images and what is taking place on streets where I strolled with my husband and son and then with my friend and daughter -- places I photographed. I feel like I am there when I watch it. It's not just some random video that I would watch on television and think, "Wow!"

While I'm sure the children in the orphanages are safe, I'm sad for them and for their waiting families and what this could mean for all of their futures and lives. The uncertainty and scared feelings they must be experiencing is heart-breaking.

Dear God, please be with them all.

For some posts by John Wright who is currently in Kyrgyzstan, click here.

Associated Press reports:
PETER LEONARD of The Associated Press has just reported :Opposition leaders in Kyrgyzstan say they have formed a new acting government in the Central Asian nation. The announcement was made Wednesday on a state television channel that opposition members stormed and seized in the capital of Bishkek. Temir Sariyev, an opposition party leader, told The Associated Press that a coalition of politicians had agreed on a new prime minister as well as a new interior minister and new security chief.Officials say 40 people have been killed and more than 400 wounded Wednesday in clashes with police trying to quell the anti-government uprising.

This is a blog I read a lot prior to go to K'stan as this person was a teacher living there. She has since returned to the US but has some interesting links regarding the situation.

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