Thursday, April 15, 2010

Baseball Season has Officially Started

Monday night was Josh's first baseball game of the season. It was an in -park game against the Jays. Josh is playing third base again this year. He has been batting very well during practice -- he gives credit to his new bat. I give the credit to him. He is a good baseball player.

Last night he went to his first pitching lessons at Hit After Hit. He was so respectful and I was very proud of him. I could tell he was a little scared because he didn't talk a lot to the teacher. He simply answered the questions with one word answers. I think he'll loosen up as time goes on. I was very impressed with the staff and facilities there, and think that Josh will definitely learn a lot there and I am hopeful it will help him realize his goal -- to pitch well. This is the first year he has expressed serious interest in this and I am glad we are able to help him explore this option. He says he wants to try out for the middle school team next year.

Speaking of middle school sports, he is struggling a lot trying to make a decision about playing for the middle school versus playing his last year as a Viking. My heart is with the Vikings, so that's my choice, but I'm not voicing that choice to him and am trying to let him make those decisions on his own. Yesterday it was Vikings; today middle school. Either way, we will be there to support him.

And last, but certainly not least, here are a few pictures from the first game. WHY couldn't Josh play a different position? It is almost impossible to get a good picture of him playing third base. *sigh* Ellie is certainly enjoying her time at the baseball park this year. She already has three "boo-boos": one on each knee and one on her elbow from running and falling on the asphalt. She comes home filthy and exhausted.

Here's the team at the introduction time of the jamboree:

Josh and Kevin

Josh at third base. He tells me his hat was sideways because the sun was in his eyes. I'm surprised the officials didn't tell him to straighten it up.

Josh and one of his former team mates.

Ellie wanted Daddy's attention -- she patting him on the leg. *sweet*

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