Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Healthy Choices

Thank you SO SO much to all who made the wonderful comments on my journey into eating right, exercising, losing weight and making better choices in my life. It's been so uplifting to read your kind words and great suggestions. I'm taking it one day at a time -- like any other addiction, I suppose, because I truly feel addicted to eating, to sugary/carby/unhealthy foods.

Today I made a sweep through Sams (to get diapers, but...) and picked up some cantaloupe, salad mix, apples, light string cheese and some Jimmy Dean Delights (breakfast sandwich with turkey sausage, egg white and low fat cheese on an English muffin). We also picked up some 100 calorie snacks and some baked chips for when the urge strikes me to have some little "something".

I am trying really hard to just make better choices at this point. I think just making that one change for a few weeks will be beneficial. I'm trying to be a wee bit more active and drink some more water instead of diet sodas. Hopefully, I can give them up ... time will tell on that one. *smile*

I'm giving myself a week before "official" weigh-in -- just like Weight Watchers. I'm hopeful that I will have good results the first week (water loss and all) just to encourage me to continue working hard.

Today's food intake:
Breakfast - Oatmeal packet
Lunch: Salad from Zaxby's with no dressing
Snack: Light string cheese
Snack: Apple
Dinner: Lean Cuisine Baked fish with rice and broccoli
Snack: Sugar free pudding with strawberries and fat free whipped topping -- yum!!

I didn't get my evening "workout" in in the yard because we had to make the Sam's run. Tomorrow, if it's not raining, there is still plenty of outside toys that need to be bleached/cleaned and NOW there is a TREE that has been cut down in my front yard that will need to be cleaned up. That should burn some serious calories.

Day two is a wrap.


Bridget said...


I am no expert on weight loss, but I make sure that I have lots of apples and string cheese around. It helps me with the 4:00 munchies when all I really want are kettle cooked chips.

Also, I too am aching for Krygyzstan. Just too terrible for all the babies and their families...


Becky said...

I've found too it helps to portion out foods as soon as I get them home from the store. Like if I DO buy chips, I use small ziploc snack size bags and put the chips in them until the big bag is empty. that way if someone wants chips, they can have one small bag, and its about 100 calories, a good small snack. Same with crackers. The boys also really enjoy apple chips... apples that are dehydrated into round crisps. And the easy peel clementine oranges, they canboth peel themselves, HUGE bonus!
One small change at a time is the way to go so you don't get overwhelmed. I changed us all to natural/organic/healthy eating all at once in one shopping trip and it was NOT the way to go! LOL! I had to ease us all into it. Its been 6mos and we haven't looked back yet, but the occasional treat is ok too.