Friday, April 23, 2010


I saw on my friend Lori's blog a recent post about things that make her happy. I'm so glad, that in the midst of such sorrow and pain, she is still able to find things that make her happy.

Because I tend to be Negative Nelly as of late, I'm going to reverse the trend and list 10 things that make me happy. Finding these ten things I think will help me by showing me things that I can do to BE more happy and less negative.

My list might seem odd -- but it's my list and considering who I am ... odd seems a bit fitting! In no certain order they are:

1. Reading -- I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good book and could stay curled up in bed reading for hours -- if I had the opportunity. Occasionally, I find those times and opportunities and it makes me happier than even chocolate!

2. Sunshine -- I am absolutely happiest when the sun is shining. 70-75 is my favorite temperature and I love to just sit in the sun and feel it's warmth on my skin.

3. Giggles -- Josh and Ellie routinely chase one another around the house at night -- going around and around the circle of our downstairs. They are both giggling the entire time they are doing it and it is the BEST sound in the world.

4. Holding hands -- I love when Kevin and I just reach out and take one another's hand -- for no reason and in no certain place or time. I think that's just one of the most romantic things in the world and it makes me happy.

5. Watching movies -- I am such a movie freak and to me, there is just nothing better than a tub of popcorn, a soda and a movie. While I prefer they be in a movie theatre, I can be JUST as happy at home on the couch or piled up in the bed watching a movie.

6. A clean house -- There is probably nothing that makes me more calm, happy and at peace than when my house is clean. It is such a rare occurrence that you can see why I'm less than calm and peaceful, but the rare times that it is clean, I am very, very happy.

7. Good music -- While my definition of "good music" is probably nothing like anyone else's definition, there is a place in my soul that often longs for a good song. I love to sing along (however bad that is or isn't -- only my steering wheel knows) at the top of my voice while I'm driving down the road. A good song can instantly take me back to a place in my past or touch a place in my soul that nothing else can do.

8. The ocean -- I love the sounds of the ocean, the smell of the salt, the taste of sea spray. While I'm not really fond of sand, I love adding sunshine, a good book, the ocean and a cabana with a fruity concoction and just whiling away the day.

9. Animals -- I love my dogs, my cats -- all the ones who have been a part of my life and who still are. But, overall, animals genuinely make me happy. I can see a farm animal, pet a goat, watch a kitten, pet a dog -- any animal -- and be instantly transformed into a smiling, happy person. I think animals are one of the most wonderful of God's creations.

10. Creating -- I love to create things: scrapbook, hair bows, picture books, photos, cakes, casseroles, calendars -- you name it. I love taking a bunch of unrelated items and making them into something and having that something to give away, to capture a memory, to make other people happy. I understand why God called everything He created good. While not everything I create might be considered good, in my heart it is and it makes me happy in the making of it.

So while things like my friends, family, my home, my children and such are blessings and contribute to my happiness and fullness as a person, they aren't necessarily included in this list because somehow they are the things that it seems are expected to make me happy. The list above are the things that are only about me -- the inner things that can put a smile on my face and fill my heart with happiness.

If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged. Take the time to evaluate the things in life that make you happy -- you might be surprised.


multimom said...


I really like your list of things that make you happy. As I read them, there were some that made me smile inside, as I knew exactly what you were talking about! In some respects, your blog is one thing that makes me happy, and definitely puts a smile on my face. I'm also finding that I am getting inspiration from you in my own weight loss struggles. I am trying to drink more water lately instead of Coke Classic, which I adore. I also found a condiment at Subway the other day that is delicious and incredibly low in calories and fat. It's called Sweet Onion and is great! The ONLY reason I even considered trying it was because I found myself in there, needing to order lunch for Bethany and myself while we were out running errands, and I thought of you. (Hmmm....., what would Maria order? Seriously....!), and I paused for ten seconds to read the listings. I was so proud of that small switch from Ranch to Sweet Onion, and I give credit to reading your blog for that. Your blog, like a few others I read, reaches out and touches in ways that you probably never realized! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

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