Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Tree

When we first moved into our home almost sixteen years ago, we were so blessed that the previous owners, who only lived in the house for a year or two, planted lots of trees. We have so enjoyed watching them grow during our time here, but my favorite tree in the front yard died a few years back -- well, half of it died. The other half was still alive. We put off having it cut because we just knew it was going to cost a lot of money as it was about three stories high. We had gotten estimates in the $400-$600 range. UGH.

Finally, however, we knew that it was getting to be dangerous and that if it fell, it would land right on Ellie or Josh's room and we didn't want that. My mom hooked us up with a tree cutter who fell it for $125. Granted, for that price, we have to haul it off or burn it or something, but with a twelve year old, that seems like a doable task.

Today, he came to cut it down and I got just downright nostalgic about this tree. You see, it's the tree where I take all the pictures of our family on holidays and where I took pictures of Josh growing up, where I took pictures of him each sports season on the first day he would wear his uniform. It's where I took his and Ellie's first baseball picture. It's where we always made our Easter photos. In fact, the last photos made there were just this Easter. And now, it's just a stump.

If anyone needs firewood and lives nearby -- it's here for the taking!

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