Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's Out of Here!!

This is the face and 100 watt smile of a boy who just hit his first out of the park home run!

We were so proud of Josh tonight as he hit the scoreboard for an out of the park homerun. He was SO HAPPY. It showed in his face as he crossed homeplate to his team mates cheering him and congratulating him.

Here's the team waiting for him to cross home plate:

Blurry, but here he is crossing home (you can see the back of his leg):

Lots of team love:

It was one of three out of the park home runs we had tonight. And, even though we still lost by two runs, it was a great night and one I'm sure Josh won't soon forget. I'm sure he'll have some sweet dreams tonight!

Here's a sweet photo of Ellie congratulating, "Bubba".

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Mayme said...

Way to go Josh!