Thursday, April 1, 2010

FCA Easter Egg Hunt

Last Saturday we got together with other families who have adopted children from Asia who live in the Middle Tennessee area. There were crafts, a potluck lunch (yummy!!), an Easter egg hunt and fun playing on the playground.

We are so blessed to live in an area where there are others from Kyrgyzstan, but also so many from other Asian countries. We had SUCH a good time and can't wait until the next event.

One of the crafts was a cool paper egg/lantern that the kids could color. Even Josh got in on this!

I love this picture of Josh. He has such a pretty smile!

The food selection was incredible! Doesn't Kevin look like he just got caught doing something wrong? *smile*

Ellie LOVED all the ride on toys.

AND the cupcakes.

Even the adults got into the act of playing put the egg in the basket!

Ellie wouldn't wear the blindfold, but still wanted to play. She was the youngest one there by about six months.

What she REALLY wanted to do though was go outside and play on the playground. Here she is being "Bucket Girl".

She picked up several eggs, but quickly bored of that and wanted to play on the toys.

Josh helped a little. *smile*

Until Ellie bored of him and then he began to help Jia.

Here's "the till".

Ellie was happy to find it held "Cangi".

Ellie loved playing in the sand -- she's such a "get dirty" kind of girl.

It was her first time in a sandbox.

I LOVE this picture of Ellie. She is so happy!


Sarah said...

Love the "bucket girl" photo. E. is doing the same thing these days, only with lamp shades and small waste baskets (horrors!)

Jennifer G. said...

It looks like the egg hunt was lots of fun!