Wednesday, April 7, 2010


My heart continues to be in Kyrgyzstan. I am in constant prayer and thought about the country and its people. I continue to scour the internet for videos and updates of what is going on there, and while it's so hard to watch and read, it's even harder to see and not care about this place and these people and to understand their struggles.

I have to wonder if Ellie's biological father is a part of the uprising or a part of the police attempting to protect. I wonder if -- and yet somehow in my gut just KNOW -- he's a part of this. Is he safe or one of the ones who has been killed? I may never know.

My world shrank incredibly with the addition of this wee one to our family. I will never be the same person; I will never view the world the same as I did before. I will never watch a video of countries at war and just shrug it off like I might have before. It's all so very, very heart-breaking.

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