Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm in the WRONG business

Apparently, I'm in the wrong business. What a shame that I have no athletic abilities because apparently, if you have the ability to instruct in baseball you can make some serious bucks.

Josh's baseball team needs some back-up pitchers this year as we only have one. He can only pitch so many innings per week so the coach is allowing Josh and another of his teammates the opportunity to pitch. While Josh has some GREAT speed, his accuracy is far from where it needs to be so we went in search of a pitching coach.

At the recommendation of a friend, we found an organization in Nashville made up of former MLB players/coaches that instruct in pitching, hitting and fielding. After a phone call today, Josh is signed up to start there next Tuesday. He will go for eight weeks for 30 minutes each week. I'm told if he will practice at home, he will excel quickly. I am CERTAIN he will be practicing at home since I will have to take out a second mortgage to pay for the lessons (joke).

Stay tuned to see how this new endeavor goes. It's a new experience for him and us and I'm excited that he has the opportunity. And, best of all, I'll get some great pictures!! It truly is all about the photos, isn't it?

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