Monday, June 16, 2008

Adoption News

For those of you who are following along for adoption news in our family, we wanted to share with you that because we did not hear any referral news by this past Friday, we will not hear anything until at least the week of July 7. The in-country staff are in the U.S. meeting with our agency and attending the annual agency picnic. They will have some additional vacation time after this trip and will return to work on July 7.

Hopefully, after that date, we will hear news about our new referral. We have had conversations with our agency about the little girl who was our first referral and we understand that her files were being brought over for review by an IA doctor who is a specialist in infectious disease. I continue to pray for her every day that they will be able to get her the help she will need and that she will find a forever family.

During our wait for our next referral, I hope to finish her room -- I still have some stenciling to complete and the wall trim needs to be painted. We also hope to begin to purchase some of the things we know we will need for her when she comes home -- car seats, strollers, diapers -- the list goes on and on, doesn't it?

I watched a video last night of a family who compiled their photos from their time in Kyrgyzstan and put it on their blog. Ironically, I think they stayed in the same hotel room as us. It was a good thing to watch and gave a part of the excitement back for me. I know we have to have time to grieve this loss, but I so want to be excited about our adoption, about this little girl. I know we will look back on all of this and forget most of the pain -- I want to be there. As it is now, with her birth in June (as we anticipate), we will not travel back to pick her up until the first weeks of November. Wouldn't it be funny if her Gotcha Day were the same as mine? November 6. We'll see, I suppose. I guess it will be nice to see Kyrgyzstan with snow.

Thank you again, for all of your kind words. We are going to take a respite for the next three weeks while we wait for their return and continue living our normal lives.

And, in an effort to be even more prepared, I made a visit to the Once Upon a Child store and bought a few items in the 0-3 and 3-6 month sizes. This has sealed the fate that I will receive a child who is fluffy and not tiny. :-) It doesn't matter to me, though!!! I feel pretty certain we will get some wear out of them. And, while it might seem odd that I'm buying clothes for another baby so soon after losing this little one, know that I know in my heart that this baby was not mine and I have to move on. I can choose to spend a lot of time grieving for something that God didn't have planned for me, or I can choose to embrace what He does have in store. I'm choosing to move forward and not dwell on the loss. Buying a few things for our little one was healing in a way. Here are some of my bargains. OUAC has a "frequent buyer" club where they punch your card for every $10 worth of purchases and when your card is full, you get an additional 20% off regularly priced merchandise. I used my 20% off card this time as well for additional discounts!

OshKosh Circus theme denim jumper -Half off - Final Price $2.25

Fleecy frog themed one-piece from Little Me - New with tags - Half off - Final price $2.25

Carter's convertible one-piece to sleeper, new with tags - $2.00

Children's place knitted/sweater one piece with sweater and hat - new with tags $6.80

Child of Mine two piece jogging suit - $2.80

Baby Okie Dokie one piece with bib - Half off - $2.75

Carter's shirt and overall set - Half off - Final Price - $2.25

Koala Baby footed one piece, jacket and headband, new with tags - $4.40

Small Wonders onesie, pants and hat set - Half Off - Final Price $2.25
I didn't buy ALL these shoes at OUAC. They've just sort of morphed into a collection over the past few years. I don't think I've paid more than $1.50 for any of them -- which is good because she will grow out of them faster than you can blink, I'm sure. We have all sorts of sizes to pick from. I did get a few pair during this trip to OUAC -- the black patent leather with bows in the back and some red patent leather (you can't see them in this photo) as well. Each pair was $1.50.

And on a separate note: CONGRATULATIONS to my friend, Mayme and her family, who have received the referral of their daughter Emma, from China. It has been a long wait, my friend, and I am SO happy for you!!


janiece said...

I LOVE the froggy one. I haven't seen anything so darn cute! Makes perfect sense to take a break. But I'm sure about Kryg with snow--we're used to snow and we slipped and slid all over the place. Ted thinks thats that why the woman walk arm in arm--to keep each other upright!
Remember, we're here if you need us!

Anonymous said...

I love the clothes! Little girls are so much fun to shop for!

Pamela said...

Great outfits, Maria! And a total bargain, too.

I've been praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Ok Maria, you have inspired me in so many ways and this time it's with those freakin cute outfits!! I cannot believe you got those that cheap & with TAGS!!! I have now been inspired to go and check out the OUAC store (since there are 3 around here) and see what I can find. I have to admit, I have never been!! I have been dying to buy some baby girl clothes but I just can't bring myself to do it yet, so maybe I will just browse!! (who am I kidding!!)

Terri said...

Oh..I want to go shopping with you!! We don't have OUAC here..well, I don't think we do anyway. :)