Friday, June 27, 2008

Court (and a Bikini)

Can you tell I'm doing a lot of combining topics for posts? I've just got a lot going on so if I can save time ... well, I'm all for that.

I called Brent at our agency today and we played voice mail tag before I finally got him "in person" to ask, again, about our court date and if we could possibly be included in the July 8th or 9th court date that is coming up. Apparently, he knows that it was mentioned to the judge while he was here, but the judge didn't say anything. My understanding from him is that we won't know anything until Ludmilla (the in-country coordinator) returns to Kyrgyzstan on July 7. Well, by my calculations that is only the day or two days before court. *sigh* I asked Brent if he doesn't ever get frustrated about how hard it is to get information. He said that he does, but that he has learned that it is the way things work there. I suppose we are just used to a different way. My mother reminds me that it is God's timing, not mine and that I need to be patient. I just don't DO patient. God keeps trying; I keep arguing. My understanding is He will continue to teach me until I learn. Wouldn't it JUST be easier to give in on it? *smile* I feel like a ten-year-old boy I know.

I continue to remind myself that no matter when we go back each day brings us a little closer to her. I think of her EVERY morning when I first awaken. I calculate what time it is there throughout the day and try to think what she might be doing. I hope she's not just laying in her crib. I hope SOMEONE is taking her outside for sunshine and to hear the birds. I hope that someone is holding and talking to her and giving her a pacifier to suck on. I wonder every day if she is healthy. What is she is sick? How would I ever know? All I DO know right now is that God is holding her close to Him. She is His and was His before there was a me to be concerned. He will care for her better than I ever can. I have faith in Him.

I'm praying each day that God's will will be to have her court date with the others so we can return to get her in August. I'll wait another week. I'll be busy most of next week fretting over the little man who is HERE and having his tonsils out.

Today, after our trip to the movies, I stopped into the Gymboree (conveniently located across the street!) to see if they still had bathing suits. I'm thinking it will still be warm enough in August and September to swim. I'm SO hoping Ellie will like the water. We did find a bathing suit -- the only one in a 3-6 month size -- and I snapped it up. It was on clearance, which is EVEN better since I don't know if it will get much use. Here's a photo of it. It's too cute and All-American!! The hanger doesn't quite do it justice as it's not very "cute" at all.


Jeanne said...

All I can say is: aren't you having a memorable summer?

Kelli said...

Love, love, love the bikini! I will be praying for a court date soon! I so hope you can travel in August. I don't know if I can wait any longer than that to see Ellie in your arms!

Jackie S said...

Love that b-suit. So cute. Ellie will be home soon. Stay strong ;)

Anonymous said...

You just sold me on cloth diapers with those statistics. So scary! I have two older children and wish I knew then what I know now! Anyway, I have just bookmarked that site! I will be praying for a fast court date.

Betsy said...

I love that swimsuit!! Too cute. We also had a moment of weakness in Gymboree recently. How could we not buy things for him when they were having a "GYMBOREE BLOWOUT!!!" ??

Mom to 2 Angels said...

I can picture Ellie in her American swimsuit now! Our Gotcha Day for C is in August. Hopefully, you can go back in August then we could celebrate together!