Sunday, June 22, 2008

Baby Ellie Presents

Yesterday when I returned home from taking my Punchie (the cat) to the vet (she has a hematoma on her ear that has to be removed Monday), I saw a box on my front porch. My friend, Terri, had told me she was sending a gift for Ellie, and this was sent out before we knew that OUR ELLIE was coming home. What perfect timing!!

I got in and ripped it open like a mad woman and found a treasure-trove of goodies. Terri (from WAY back in high school) recently bought an embroidery sewing machine and she had embroidered a diaper bag, a bib, two wash cloths and a blanket. I wish I could describe for you how soft the blanket is. I found myself rubbing it against my face, envisioning her wrapped in it and just began to cry. It's just all been so emotional and now that it's all decided and good, it was just too much. However, you women know what a good cry can do for you, so I was much better afterwards! Here are some photos of the WONDERFUL gifts she sent. I'm so happy to have them; they are all just beautiful and I can't wait to use them!!

Terri and I were re-connected about a year and a half or two years ago when we "found" each other on an adoption board as we were both adopting from China. Imagine our surprise!! She has since brought her baby, Teagan, home. She has been such a source of support for me during the last few years! I'm so glad we found each other again!!

Thank you, Terri!!!!

Isn't it all beautiful?

I can't WAIT until I can show you all photos of Ellie aka "The Princess". I just printed several of them today and she is SO CUTE!!!! I am so hopeful to get some new pictures of her in July when several families are traveling to visit or pick up their little ones.


Kelli said...

I can't wait until you can share pictures either! Those gifts are all gorgeous!

Jeanne said...

Beautiful items! I love the pink/brown theme.

Betsy said...

Soo cute! I especially love the item (I think it's a blanket) that has the big curly E and also says Ellie on it.

You go ahead and have yourself a good cry, girl! I just had one in my car on the way to Houston and I feel much better! It's been a big week for us both! :)