Friday, June 13, 2008

Comings and Goings

We have slowly begun to settle into what is our "normal" life again. Josh has been spending mornings at VBS - "Outrigger Island". I'll try to take some photos tonight of their "blowout" they have on the last night. I've been in the field working the last couple of days trying to get back on track. Kevin has been back at work as well. He spent a few days saying he was very dizzy, nauseous and breaking out into sweats. Finally, my mom told him he needed to go to the doctor as it could be his blood pressure. I had told him I thought it was ear infections and my friends had given him some medicine for inner-ear (Meinere's disease). Yes, I know, you aren't supposed to share meds - blah, blah. :-) Anyway, it turns out he had a double ear infection so he got meds, 14 hours of sleep and is feeling some better now.

Last night we went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. Harrison Ford still looks as good as ever, but the movie was just ok to me. Now, it might have been that I was tired, so I will give it that. It scared Josh in several places so in retrospect I might should have read about it first. He didn't have nightmares last night though or come climbing in our bed. That might still be due to the fact that he's really tired. We've kept him very busy since we've returned as he needed to be burning energy and spending time with friends. VBS has been great for that. Next week, on Friday, he and Kevin leave for Centi-Kid camp so he will stay busy then as well.

This weekend is Kevin's family's reunion. His brothers and their family are all coming in and it will be SO GOOD to see them again. While they are within driving distance in Georgia and Ohio, we don't see them as much as we'd like. Thanksgiving was our last get-together. It will be short and quick, but fun!!

So, our lives go on. I continue to pray for a little one in an orphanage on the other side of the world and for another baby who is either just born or about to be any time. If we don't hear of a referral today, it will be after July 7 when the in-country staff return from their vacations and trip to the States. Either way is fine. It will buy us a little more time to fundraise for an additional trip to Kyrgyzstan that we had not budgeted. We are certain God has this under control and will provide for us when we need it.

I read other blogs and see photos from the orphanage and there is a little twinge, a little heartache. We continue to see those who ask, "How are you?" and "What happened?". We understand their concern and curiosity, but after telling the story so many times, we feel tired from it. It's like re-living it every time. We just continue to walk through where we need to go and continue to point to God as the one who is in charge. I've enjoyed my "quiet time" in the car, working, where I can listen to our local Christian radio station, The Fish. There is something music does to soothe my soul when I hurt, bring the tears and bring the healing. Music is such a blessing from God.

A shout-out of appreciation to "my" friends (yes, apparently Kevin thinks they are "his" friends too!!) Iris, Dianne and Dawn, who brought dinner our second night home: pot roast, corn bread, pinto beans, deviled eggs, coleslaw, rolls and pie. MAN! What a shame that when they arrived I had fallen out in bed with a tummy ache and did not awaken until the next morning. Apparently, we also got several phone calls that night (including one from my sister), a visit from our pastor and I NEVER awoke to any of it. MAN!! Jet lag is rough. We are so thankful to those who have shared our pain, ministered to us and loved us during this time.

Today, after Bible School, we are OFF to find the perfect Father's Day gifts. I'll let you know how that goes.

AND, my sincere appreciation to Jeff over at LandLife (this is sarcasm, by the way - *smile*) for getting me hooked on CVS and ECBs. I'm in some sort of state waiting on Sunday's sale paper. Kevin did get some lovely razors and facial products this week though. I know he thanks you!!


Jeanne said...

I agree with you about Indiana Jones. Just wanted to make a comment because I couldn't stand it saying "0 sweet little words"!

Michelle said...

I am glad you are home and I am your friend (and Kevin's, I guess!)